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Mandolin Camp North 2010 staff is outstanding. Possibly the best we've ever had. You won't want to miss it.

The early bird deadline has been extended through February 15 to accommodate those who like to sign up at the Joe Val Festival.

Mandolin Camp North, April 16-18, 2010, is as exciting and varied as any we've ever presented. Our outstanding teachers include: Don Stiernberg, Sharon Gilchrist, Rich DelGrosso, Skip Gorman, David Harvey, Richie Brown, Ben Pearce, Neil Rossi, Phil Zimmerman, Martin Grosswendt, Lorraine Hammond, Mike Holmes, Dave Howard, Bill Walach, and David Surette. We are very pleased to present our special guest, fiddle and mandolin phenom, Darol Anger.

In addition to teaching mandolin classes, Alan Kaufman and Dave Reiner will offer a concentration in fiddle for those interested -- whether at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Mike Rivers and Dave Howard will teach guitar classes in both backup and lead. Mike Kropp and Bruce Stockwell on banjo and Kelly Stockwell on bass will be there to round out band classes and jams. The curriculum consists of Bluegrass, Newgrass, Old Time, Blues and Jazz, plus Fiddle and Guitar. Visit to read the impressive bios and look for the schedules which will be posted shortly.

We are pleased to introduce these new musicians who are joining our outstanding teaching staff. Besides his many years of teaching and performing bluegrass, David Harvey is head of the mandolin department at Gibson; he brings his valuable experiences to MCN for the first time. Don Stiernberg is the foremost Jazz mandolinist in the USA today; he is a protege of Jethro Burns and carries on Jethro's tradition in Jazz and combined those skills with other advanced musical techniques to form a style all his own. Sharon Gilchrist toured with the all-female, old-time string band called Uncle Earl and has played mandolin with Peter Rowan and Tony Rice. Darol Anger is an alumnus of the David Grisman band where he played fiddle to David's mandolin, and has performed on mandolin with some of the most inventive acoustic musicians - Stephane Grappelli, Mark O'Connor, Bela Fleck, Mike Marshall, Michael Hedges, Jerry Douglas, to name a few - which has given Anger a unique perspective on string music, resulting in his inventing and developing innovative string techniques. Read about the rest of our talented staff and their impressive resumes at


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