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Took Monte for a walk this afternoon on our usual path. There's an office building along the Charles river. There's a plateau which becomes a hill down into a parking lot which border the Charles. Along the river is a path through the woods where I let Monte run free.

Today, as we approached the plateau, there were about two dozen geese. Monte, naturally, wanted to investigate. I kept her on leash and wondered how close we could get. The sound of 20 geese flapping their wings at the same time is just awesome. As we came to the edge of the plateau, I saw another 30 or so geese in the parking lot and 50 or so on the river. It was spectacular. There were literally[1] 100 geese in front of me.

As the geese walked along the partially frozen river, it made the a sound like a raindrop in reverse. And with 20 to 30 geese moving at once, it was really spectacular.

There were also about 20 or so seaguls and 2 swans. Later i saw 3 ravens or crows (I can't tell the difference) in the trees.

Sadly, I had nothing to record the experience except my memory.

[1] Literally literally, I counted.

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