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This message comes by way of my father, Director for Music Camps North:

For our first Fiddle Camp North we have an outstanding staff. Assembled by Music Director Phil Zimmerman and Fiddle Coordinator Dave Reiner, FCN in Charlton, MA is the place to be April of 2011. Headlined by two of the most distinguished and awarded fiddlers in Bluegrass and Old Time music, there's someting for everyone. Michael Cleveland is the IBMA's Fiddler of the year. Alan Jabbour is recognized among the top Old Time Fiddlers and Scholars. Both bring their talents and teaching skills to FCN and will conduct classes at various levels of performance. Michael has a reputation for having only two speeds -- fast and faster -- but you have only to listen to his performance of "Jerusalem Ridge" to prove that wrong. Alan Jabbour can be heard on more recordings than almost anyone else, and he knows practically every tune ever found. And I haven't mentioned Kimberly Fraser yet. Visit to see the bios of the rest of our staff for 2011 and I'm sure you will agree that FCN is not to be missed if you want to learn to play or get better on the fiddle or know someone who does, please let him or her know.

Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year to you and yours.
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