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Firstly, congrats to [ profile] macalyster and [ profile] kalisti23 on their newborn baby girl.

Secondly, my weight is down after a weekend for the first time since I've been keeping track. (This means I've been doing a better job of not eating crap all day long.)

Thirdly, VTRF was a blast. I made my first New England appearance as not-Alfredo. I was Master of the List, Sir William Sidney for Paragon Jousting. I plied my street work a little walking around being generally snobby and offensive. I managed to insult pirates, the Irish, the French, the Scottish, the Germans and possibly the Italians. I'm not 100% certain of that. I amused myself by speaking to a peasant from behind a tent, not wanting to be seen speaking with her in public as she told her tale of strife. Too bad it was too early for many patrons to be about as I think a) the story was told very well and very entertaining and b) it looked like she wasn't talking to anyone in particular I imagine until you got close enough to see me hiding by the side of a tent.

It also marked by debut of performing on horseback and it was real fun. I think it was more fun taking a stroll through the fairegrounds with the knights, all of us on horseback. We even got free ice cream. (Gotta try Bart's Homemade Ice Cream if you get to VTRF.) Most people were just shocked to see me dressed up in the finery of clothing made by Designs by J back in 2003 for when I was the Duke of Parma. I think J was happy to see that outfit make another appearance. It will make many more as it goes well with the character, I think. Only change I may need to make is in the pants. They are not good for riding in. For a full write-up of Paragon's events, check out Paragon's News Page. There were all kinds of firsts this weekend.

Only negative on the entire weekend was as I was driving home. My "check engine" light came on and my cruise control light was flashing on and off (also meant I couldn't use cruise control). But that was about it.

I slept in this morning having today and tomorrow off. I may go see Superman today. I may not. I haven't decided. Need to see if the Subaru place is open and can look at my car. Yay extended warranties.


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