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I get a lot of e-mails from recruiters. I got this one today. I do not endorse the recruiter in question I'm just passing it on to those who may be interested. If interested e-mail Stephen McManus at FootBridge Staffing. Feel free to mention you heard it from me, I don't know if I get anything other than thanks. E-mail address is

A client of FootBridge Staffing is looking for a mid- to senior-level Linux Systems Administrator
who will join a team of two systems administrators to support, maintain,
and enhance a rapidly growing IT infrastructure that spans cross the
globe and serves roughly 350 employees worldwide.

They are not your typical Windows / Active Directory / Exchange shop. Their
servers are primarily Linux (CentOS) with a handful running Windows. We
tend to prefer open solutions that we can take off the shelf and adapt
to our needs, but we are not wedded to a particular OS or vendor. We aim
for the solution that makes the most sense. We utilize Zimbra for mail,
Asterisk for telephony, OpenLDAP instead of Active Directory, and Samba
for our domain controllers and file sharing—all on Linux servers.

To be successful in this role you will:
- Have strong troubleshooting skills and a diagnostic intuition
- Be a self-starter. If you don’t know how to do something you consider
it a challenge to try to figure it out for yourself
- Have a genuine desire to learn and expand your skill set

You will have demonstrated experience with:
- Linux systems administration (especially Red Hat variants)
- Basic Windows systems administration
- Scripting (especially perl and bash)
- Networking Fundamentals

We highly desire experience with:
- Samba
- OpenLDAP
- Mail Server Administration / Zimbra
- Server Virtualization
- Cisco ASA, PIX, and IOS
- Storage / SAN

This is an opportunity to play a key part in the growth and expansion of
the infrastructure which is continuing to expand globally.
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