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I am not the original author of this piece. I also do not know the origins. As it does not put forward anything expected to be factual but is simply opinion, I feel safe re-posting it here for your pleasure. I have edited for typos and such:

Teachers get paid TOO much... I'm fed up with teachers and their hefty salary schedules. What we need here is a little perspective.

If I had my way, I'd pay these teachers myself, I'd pay them baby-sitting wages. That's right, instead of paying these outrageous taxes[1], I'd give them $3 an hour out of my own pocket. And I'm only going to pay them for five hours, not coffee breaks. That would be $15 a day. Each parent should pay $15 a day for these teachers to baby-sit their child. Even if they have more than one child, it's still a lot cheaper than private day care.

Now, how many children do they teach every day, maybe 20?[2] That's $15x20=$300 a day. But remember, they only work 180 days a year! I am not going to pay them for all those vacations! $300x180=$54,000. (Just a minute, I think my calculator needs new batteries.)

I know now you teachers will say, "what about those who have 10 years experience and a master's degree?" Well, maybe (to be fair) they could get the minimum wage, and instead of just baby-sitting, they could read the kids a story. We could round that off to about $5 an hour, times five hours, times 20 children. That's $500 a day times 180 days. That's $90,000...HUH?!?

Wait a minute, let's get a little perspective here. Baby-sitting wages are too good for these teachers. Did anyone see a salary schedule around here?

[1] I realize tax money goes to more than just the salary, such as the building, upkeep, support staff, administration, books, supplies, etc.
[2] I don't know any teacher who can claim a class size of 20 children or less.
[3] Remember, I DIDN'T WRITE THIS! I just think it adds some much needed perspective.
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