May. 30th, 2010

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Today while walking Monte, I came across someone's driver's license and bank card. I'll give no more information than that.

Being the fine gentleman that I an, I collected them from the street with an eye in mind of returning them. Being a Sunday (and a holiday weekend to boot) the Bank would not have been helpful. (I called them anyway, they were not helpful.) I thought about contacting local police but that would only be helpful if she was a crime victim or missing person. (And if she is, oy!)

So I used my old friend Google. The license was from out of state but a young enough person to be a college student in the area or just recently moved. Google gave me a LinkedIn profile of a young girl who had worked in CT and was now working in Newton, MA. So I looked up the company, found her voicemail and left one.

I also went to, plugged in the address and last name and came up with both her parents' names (presumably) and a home phone number where I also left a voice mail.

This all took about 5 minutes. In 5 minutes, I can get a lot of information about someone. So protect your information.


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